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NEW RELEASE: “Diferentes Al Resto” by Rudos Wild is available for download

Since today you can download our new release, “Diferentes Al Resto” by Rudos Wild.

This album was release in 2010, but our version has a bonus track, “Y Fue Mi Error”, a song that is part of new material that the band is working on.


Welcome Rudos Wild to LEPORK RECORDS.

Rudos Wild is a Uruguayan band that join us since today.

Rudos Wild is a raucous, in your face punk and punkabilly band from Montevideo.

They play straight up classic punk rock that is heavily influenced by rockabilly, psychobilly and artists such as Social Distortion, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Stray Cats, The Clash, Tiger Army, The Living End and Reverend Horton Heat to name a few.

In 2007 they release their first album “Psychos with Wax” via Punk Outlaw Records.

Next Tuesday, April 24, we’ll release their last album “Diferentes al Resto”.

Las Vin Up’s new song.

The girls has been working on new songs and entered to the studio to mixed them and finished them. They think the new album will be release in late April.

But today they send us one of those songs and they gave us their approval to make it available for download


“Marky Ramones’ Cookies Song” by Las Vin Up
mp3 | ogg

NEW RELEASE: “Capitulo #1” by Malones

Punk rock, pure and simple. That is the best way to describe our new release “Capitulo #1” by Malones. Since today, you can download the first release of this great band from Rosario, Argentina.

Enjoy it!!!


“Last One Standing” reach 20,000 downloads. Congrats to The Leftouts

Last week, “Last One Standing” by The Leftouts, reached 20,000 downloads. We are very proud of the band and their album and we are happy to help them to spread their music not only in his native country but also around the world.

We hope that people continue to download it and if you have not downloaded it yet, you can do it now by clicking here.

New band: Welcome Malones to LEPORK RECORDS

From Rosario, Argentina, Malones is the new band in our roster. Their sound is a great mix between punk and hard rock, with strong influence from bands like Social Distortion and Street Dogs.

Next Tuesday, October 11th, we’ll release their first EP “Capitulo #1”

Welcome TimTom Guerilla to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome TimTom Guerilla to “LEPORK RECORDS”. Timtom Guerilla is a German band formed in 2007 with a sound that blends reggae, punk and rock, singing all their songs in German.

On Tuesday August 23rd will release their first EP of seven songs which is entitled “TimTom Guerilla”

New release: “If We Sink Together EP” by The Bear Season available for download

From the small and beautiful Uruguay, The Bear Season release their second EP, “If We Sink Together”, also their second release with us. We are so happy that the band has accepted to release again with us and we know the you will love this EP.


Welcome back The Bear Season. Next Tuesday, new release

Next Tuesday, July 19th, we’ll release the new The Bear Season’s EP. The album was titled “If We Sink Together EP” and has 6 new songs.

NEW RELEASE: “Empty Space” by Pianosa available for download

Now you can download our new release, “Empty Space” by Pianosa, the first LP of this band from Scotland. Enjoy it!!!


Next Tuesday, new album: “Empty Space” by Pianosa

Next Tuesday we’ll release “Empty Space” the first LP of Pianosa, a hardcore band from Glasgow, Scotland. Get ready to listen to a great album, with a sound that you will love.

The album is composed by 13 tracks. The first eight are part of their first EP “Last Night’s Correcting Mistakes” and the rest is new material that the band recorded less than a month ago.

Welcome Pianosa to LEPORK RECORDS

Pianosa is a hardcore punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band formed in 2009 and in 2010 their released their first EP “Correcting Last Night’s Mistakes”

Pianosa is our second European band and we’ll release their first LP, “Empty Space”, next week, June 7.

NEW RELEASE: “E a vostra immagine e somiglianza” by Kennel available for download

Today we are releasing our first pure hardcore album “E a vostra immagine e somiglianza” by Kennel. This Italian band is our first European band and we have been receiving a lot of emails from European bands, so be ready to see new bands from there.

The band sings in Italian, but their fast and powerful music is universal, so every hardcore fan will enjoy this album.


Kennel joined to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome Kennel to LEPORK RECORDS. Kennel is band from Bergamo, Italy and they are our first European band that is part of our roster.

Kennel also is the first hardcore band that release their album in the netlabel and we hope we can find more band like them.

Next Tuesday we’ll release their third record “E’ a vostra immagine e somiglianza”, an LP with 12 tracks and a great cover art.

Las Vin Up in a Mexican compilation

Meanwhile Las Vin Up are practicing and recording new material, the band participated in the compilation “Mi Vida Pank Rock Vol 2, Escuchando Punk Rock Al Cielo Voy” that the Mexican blog “Mi Vida Pank Rock put together.

If you wanna download this compilation, click here

NEW RELEASE: “Thousand Needles” by Thousand Needles

Today we release our album, “Thousand Needles” by Thousand Needles. This album has seven songs, with big influence of Blink182, some of them singing in Indonesian.

We wanna thank to Thousand Needle this opportunity to show the world their music and we hope that we can find more good punk bands from Indonesia and others Asian countries.


Welcome Thousand Needles to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome to Thousand Needles, our first Asian band.

The band is from Jakarta, Indonesia with a great melodic punk sound. I chose this band because even if I don’t understand what they say, (they sing in Indonesian) the band’s sound is spectacular and is good oportunity to show to the word their music.

We’ll release their EP, name it “Thousand Needles”, next Tuesday April 5. Also, the band is working on new songs, so be ready for more Thousand Needles.


Almost four years ago I started this netlabel with the crazy, utopian idea of promoting South American punk bands. But, since two years ago, I have been receiving a lot of emails of bands from around the world with the intention to be part of this small project. At that time, I always rejected the bands because I wanted to stay focus in South American bands. But I changed my mind.

Since April, LEPORK RECORDS will release albums from around the world, not only from South America. We can confirm that bands from Indonesia and Italy will join us and we are looking for more new bands.

If you are a band and wanna be part of LEPORK RECORDS, email us your music to:

NEW RELEASE: “25” Our best songs in one album

Since today, you can dowNload “25”, a compilation to celebrate our twenty-fifth release. I hope that you enjoy the songs that we selected and that we think that are the best of every release.

And stay tuned for important news about the netlabel.


New compilation: “25”

Celebrating our twenty-fifth album, on March 22 we’ll release “25”, a compilation with one song for each of our releases. Each song is what I consider the best of our release.

I also want to inform you that will be major changes in the netlabel, with the main idea of continuing to promote the best independent punk bands. I think it’s time to open up more. In these weeks I will be announced these changes.

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