Kennel was founded in 2008 after a small meeting between Zayot, Brando Paolo Noize and Skiappo. The band started to write and compose their own songs in Italian, with biting lyrics and a musical style reminiscent of the punk-core. In the same year they release their first album “La Tv Piccante!” that contains 17 tracks.

In 2009, the band changed the style of music and composed nine songs in hardcore style, contained in the album “Menzogne” of 2009.

In March 2010, the band welcomed Burla, strong supporter of Kennel, that replaced Brando to play rhythm guitar,so Brando could be able to concentrate only in the singing. With theses changes, the band’s sound matured moving toward to a hardcore grind with metal influences. In March 2011 the band recorded its third album “E’ a vostra immagine e somiglianza” that contains 12 tracks.

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