TimTom Guerilla is from Bielefeld/Germany and was formed in 2007. It’s a band between the devil and the deep blue sea: children of the eighties, grown up in the nineties and now, after the first decade of the 21st century, in the middle of something like a creative midlife crisis. The typical instruments of any rock-band – guitar, drums and bass – are accompanied by the trombone of bandleader and singer TimTom. Punk, Rock, Reggae and melodies you can sing (or shout) along to – that’s the sound of TimTom Guerilla.

The music rumbles, crashes and squeals, and only the attentive (and German speaking) listener realizes that under their rude and noisy surface the songs tell stories of pain, anger and desperation. With musical and lyrical violence the band fights against the web of lies and sins, which their fathers and mothers netted: priests and pirates, whores and cashiers, racists and imposters.

The EP ‘TimTom Guerilla’ is the first published recording of the band.

TimTom – vocals, trombone
Foo – guitars
Hannibal – bass
BoingBoing – drums

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