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New band: Noes Lomismo

Noes Lomismo is the new band that join us. The band is from Puerto Montt, Chile and formed in 2004. They started covered songs by NOFX, Lagwagon, etc. but later the band started to write their own songs. Months later Noes Lomismo released their first EP, titled “En La Ventana” with 3 songs.

In 2005, after some changes in the band, Noes Lomismo started to play in another cities and released their second EP title “Solo Escapar”. In 2006 two members left the band for personal reasons, and with new members, the band released their third EP “10 Horas”.

In 2007 Noes Lomismo entered to studio to record their first LP. In the meantime, the band released their forth EP, “Vicios Del Tiempo” and this is the EP that LEPORK RECORDS will release soon.

MIXTAPE IV out in May 2008

Each six month we’ll release a new album of the serie MIXTAPE. In May you’ll can download “MIXTAPE IV”, but this time you can choose the cover art.

These are the covers

mixtapeiv_02_001__.jpg mixtapeiv_01_002__.jpg

In this occasion the art was designed by Julia. If you wanna see more of her work, you can visit her website:

New album: “Tiempo de Escupir y Vomitar”

“Tiempo de Escupir y Vomitar” is out. Now you can download the first Metamofirca’s album. With a sound between punk and rock, Metamorfica present their first album and you can download it in LEPORK RECORDS



New band, new album.

We want to welcome to Metamorfica, the new band that join us.

Metamorfica is a band from Buenos Aires,Argentina. It was founded by Mariela and Alejandra, who met in 1998 and started writing songs together in 2000, both as singers and acustic guitar players. To add rock to their compositions, they decided to start looking for bandmates.

In 2003, they met Juan Manuel (drums) and Adrian (bass). Having been together since then, they all developed both a musical and a humanly enriching relationship. In 2005, after a big band effort, they started recording and mastering at Casa Frida Studio, in Buenos Aires.

Their first LP, “Tiempo de escupir y vomitar”, was released in May 2006 and on November 20th you’ll can download it here.


Since today you can download the third volume of our MIXTAPE series.

Thanks to all the bands that participated in this compilation and I hope that all of you enjoy this album.



New album: MIXTAPE III

On November 13th, LEPORK RECORDS will be releasing a new volume of its 2007 MIXTAPE SERIES.

This third edition will be downloadable! The first two volumes (I and II) were only available as stream albums. You can still find them in LEPORK NEWS webzine.

In our continued effort to promote the sound of the South American underground, this new volume will include a mix of punk, rock and hardcore from the most representative bands from Argentina and Chile

First band: Distraccion Masiva

Distraccion Masiva is the first band to participe in this project. Distracción Masiva is a post-hardcore/pop punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It means “Mass Distraction” in Spanish.

They’re currently formed as a rock quartet, with Santiago Vilar (vocals/bass), Ulises Uno (lead guitar/vocals), Gabriel Carrizo (rythm guitar) and Julián Yori (drums). They started playing in 2003 as a trio, until Gabriel joined the band in 2005.

The band has been influenced by many artists in recent years, which made their music more sophisticated and fresh, yet more consistent and solid. They find inspiration not only in other musicians’s work, but also in other artistic expressions, cinema and philosophy.

El Dia del Diluvio EP is their first release with us.



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