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Kennel joined to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome Kennel to LEPORK RECORDS. Kennel is band from Bergamo, Italy and they are our first European band that is part of our roster.

Kennel also is the first hardcore band that release their album in the netlabel and we hope we can find more band like them.

Next Tuesday we’ll release their third record “E’ a vostra immagine e somiglianza”, an LP with 12 tracks and a great cover art.

Las Vin Up in a Mexican compilation

Meanwhile Las Vin Up are practicing and recording new material, the band participated in the compilation “Mi Vida Pank Rock Vol 2, Escuchando Punk Rock Al Cielo Voy” that the Mexican blog “Mi Vida Pank Rock put together.

If you wanna download this compilation, click here

NEW RELEASE: “Thousand Needles” by Thousand Needles

Today we release our album, “Thousand Needles” by Thousand Needles. This album has seven songs, with big influence of Blink182, some of them singing in Indonesian.

We wanna thank to Thousand Needle this opportunity to show the world their music and we hope that we can find more good punk bands from Indonesia and others Asian countries.


Are you ready for Thousand Needles? Next Tuesday, new release

Next Tuesday we’ll release “Thousand Needles”, the first Asian album in our netlabel. If you are a fan of the early work of Blink182 you’ll love this album.

Welcome Thousand Needles to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome to Thousand Needles, our first Asian band.

The band is from Jakarta, Indonesia with a great melodic punk sound. I chose this band because even if I don’t understand what they say, (they sing in Indonesian) the band’s sound is spectacular and is good oportunity to show to the word their music.

We’ll release their EP, name it “Thousand Needles”, next Tuesday April 5. Also, the band is working on new songs, so be ready for more Thousand Needles.


Almost four years ago I started this netlabel with the crazy, utopian idea of promoting South American punk bands. But, since two years ago, I have been receiving a lot of emails of bands from around the world with the intention to be part of this small project. At that time, I always rejected the bands because I wanted to stay focus in South American bands. But I changed my mind.

Since April, LEPORK RECORDS will release albums from around the world, not only from South America. We can confirm that bands from Indonesia and Italy will join us and we are looking for more new bands.

If you are a band and wanna be part of LEPORK RECORDS, email us your music to:

NEW RELEASE: “25” Our best songs in one album

Since today, you can dowNload “25”, a compilation to celebrate our twenty-fifth release. I hope that you enjoy the songs that we selected and that we think that are the best of every release.

And stay tuned for important news about the netlabel.


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