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NEW RELEASE: “No Soy Quien Crees” (single) by 23 Otoños is available for download

23 Otoños’ No Soy Quien Crees (single) is available for download. With a mix of rock, punk and modern alt metal, this two songs single is a preview of their new LP “Un Segundo de Calma” that will be release in the late 2010.


Next Tuesday, new release: No Soy Quien Crees (single) by 23 Otoños

Next Tuesday, September 21, we’ll release “No Soy Quien Crees”, a two songs single by 23 Otoños, thus anticipating what will be their first official LP “Un Segundo de Calma” that will be release in the late 2010.

23 Otoños joins LEPORK RECORDS

We are proud to announce the arrival of one of the best new bands from the scene of Buenos Aires, 23 Otoños.

With a mix of punk rock and metal, 23 Otoños will be releasing a single through LEPORK RECORDS exclusively. This will be a two songs single that are a preview of their new album which will be ready in late 2010

The single will be available for download on September 21, 2010

Next Tuesday, new album : “Do It EP” by The Bear Season

Next Tuesday, September 14, we’ll release The Bear Season’s Do It EP, our twentieth album. With influences from bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boys, etc,  The Bear Season, a new band from Montevideo, Uruguay, presents their first EP that will be available for download next week.

“Psychobilly Underground” by Jinetes Fantasmas is available for download.

If you are fan of Tiger Army or HorrorPops you have to download “Psychobilly Underground” by Jinetes Fantasmas, our new release. We are very pleased to have different styles of punk and we believe that Jinetes Fantasmas represents very well the psychobilly sound. We hope you like it.


New release date for “Psychobilly Underground” by Jinetes Fantasmas

Last week we announced that “Psychobilly Underground” will be release on August 24 but we decided that we’ll change the date to next Tuesday August 17.

This was decided because we are putting together new albums,  in a few days we will present you new bands and having two weeks between releases leaves us little room for introducing more albums. So get ready to discover new bands.

After six months … new band and new album

After six months, promoting the netlabel, traveling a bit and resting, it’s time to welcome to Despierta Tu Mente, a new band of LEPORK RECORDS.

Despierta Tu Mente is a melodic hardcore band originally from southern Buenos Aires and next Tuesday, July 20, will be available to download their new EP “Mi Credo”

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