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“MHKS EP” by Mamushkas is available for download now

Our tenth release, “MHKS EP“, is available for download.  Enjoy it!!!!



New band, Mamushkas


We wanna welcome to Mamushkas, a great band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This Tuesday you’ll can download “MHKS EP”, a EP with six songs that you can find in their LP “Mamushkas” released by Tomy Gun Records.

LEPORK RECORDS is twittering

Yes, since today LEPORK RECORDS is in Twitter, another way to keep in contact with our fans.

Visit our twitter website, be a follower and take a look right now because we have a really great news….

Will be using Twitter for update about that news.

“Last One Standing” available for download NOW!!!!

The day is come. Since today you can download the first album of The Leftouts, “Last One Standing”.



New year, new band, new album.

2009 starts with great news. We wanna welcome to The Leftouts, a great band from Rosario Argentina. The Leftouts joins to LEPORK RECORDS family and we’ll release their first album, “Last One Standing”.

Personally, I love this band. The sound of this band, a mix between The Used, Story of the Year, Blink 182, and others, and the particulary sound of the voices,  is a great combination and I’m proud to be the netlabel that bring you The Leftouts.

“Last One Standing”  is our second release that is enteraly singing in English and will be available to download on Feb 24, 2009

“Tiempo Final” by Noes Lomismo available for download now

Now you can download “Tiempo Final“, fifth album of Noes Lomismo and the second for LEPORK RECORDS.

Enjoy it


“Donde Esta M.D.A?” available now.

Our seventh release, “Donde Esta M.D.A?” is now available for download. Enjoy this great EP and you’re welcome to write a comment about any of our releases.

Enjoy it.


One new band, two new albums

Ohh man, this month will be crazy. First we wanna welcome to M.d.A. a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina that join us. With a great sound, mixing grunge and punk, M.d.A. is a new band that is growing in the Buenos Aires’ underground and we think that you will love them. Next week we’ll release their first EP “Donde Esta M.d.A.?” so, stay alert, and be prepare to listen a great band.

Also this month our guys from Southern Chile, Noes Lomismo, will be release their second album for LEPORK RECORDS and we know that you will enjoy it. “Tiempo Final” is the title and will be available to download on August 12, 2008

New band: Daga

Daga, formed by G.S. (voice and guitar), Blacky (bass) and Franco (drums), is the new band that join us.

The band is from Rosario, Argentina, and plans to enter the studio to begin work on their album debut that will be available in LEPORK RECORDS in September or October 2008

1,000 downloads and counting..

The Shining On Our Names” overcome 1,000 downloads and we want to thank all those who download the album.

1,000 downloads for us is a very important number and gives us strength to continue to promote bands from South America.

Thank you


MIXTAPE IV is the fourth edition of our MIXTAPE series, a compilation that began as a stream in LEPORK NEWS, and that its last two editions can be downloaded legally and freely in LEPORK RECORDS.

This time we have the honour of having Argies, one of the best punk bands from the city of Rosario, Argentina, who have already played a lot of shows in many cities of Latin America and Europe. Argies participates with a song that will be part of a new CD that will be release in mid-2008.

Besides Argies you’ll find bands like Mamushkas, one of the best bands that have emerged in the last three years in Buenos Aires, GS, guitarist of All The Hats, Metamorfica and Distraccion Masiva, whom already have an album with us, and the Chilean band Teoria de Un Otoño Pasajero, whose presence fills us with gratification and we hope that more Chilean bands continue participating in LEPORK RECORDS.

Also participating in this album will be Silence Apache, En Mil Partes, with a sound very emo punk, the pop-punk of Set and Azero, and the best melodic hardcore punk thanks to Hijos de Nadie and Oneday.


MIXTAPE IV available for download on May 20th, 2008

On May 20th will be available for download our sixth release, MIXTAPE IV, the fourth chapter of our saga.

This time, the comp will have two covers, designed by Julia, and you’ll can choose the art.

mixtapeiv_02_001__.jpg mixtapeiv_01_002__.jpg

New Album: The Shining On Our Names by Como Siempre

The Shining On Our Names is available to download NOW!!!!. I hope you enjoy theses sixteen acoustic songs, something different for LEPORK RECORDS. This is the first album of Como Siempre and our fifth release.


Welcome Como Siempre to LEPORK RECORDS

One guy, one guitar. Como Siempre it´s Lucas Bargen, 23 years old. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city he calls “the monster” and it´s always trying to escape from and go back to. Como siempre´s songs are a big,a huge catharsis, that´s his way to survive.

His first album is “”The Shining On Our Names”, 16 songs written in the past two years, in different places, with different instruments, with different sounds, with different moods and subjects, the same as the lyrics.

On Tuesday April 15th we’ll release his album.

New album: Vicios Del Tiempo by Noes Lomismo

Vicios Del Tiempo is now available for download. With their melodic hardcore sound, this guys from Puerto Montt, Chile present one of their best album and now you can download it.



New band: Noes Lomismo

Noes Lomismo is the new band that join us. The band is from Puerto Montt, Chile and formed in 2004. They started covered songs by NOFX, Lagwagon, etc. but later the band started to write their own songs. Months later Noes Lomismo released their first EP, titled “En La Ventana” with 3 songs.

In 2005, after some changes in the band, Noes Lomismo started to play in another cities and released their second EP title “Solo Escapar”. In 2006 two members left the band for personal reasons, and with new members, the band released their third EP “10 Horas”.

In 2007 Noes Lomismo entered to studio to record their first LP. In the meantime, the band released their forth EP, “Vicios Del Tiempo” and this is the EP that LEPORK RECORDS will release soon.

MIXTAPE IV out in May 2008

Each six month we’ll release a new album of the serie MIXTAPE. In May you’ll can download “MIXTAPE IV”, but this time you can choose the cover art.

These are the covers

mixtapeiv_02_001__.jpg mixtapeiv_01_002__.jpg

In this occasion the art was designed by Julia. If you wanna see more of her work, you can visit her website:

New album: “Tiempo de Escupir y Vomitar”

“Tiempo de Escupir y Vomitar” is out. Now you can download the first Metamofirca’s album. With a sound between punk and rock, Metamorfica present their first album and you can download it in LEPORK RECORDS



New band, new album.

We want to welcome to Metamorfica, the new band that join us.

Metamorfica is a band from Buenos Aires,Argentina. It was founded by Mariela and Alejandra, who met in 1998 and started writing songs together in 2000, both as singers and acustic guitar players. To add rock to their compositions, they decided to start looking for bandmates.

In 2003, they met Juan Manuel (drums) and Adrian (bass). Having been together since then, they all developed both a musical and a humanly enriching relationship. In 2005, after a big band effort, they started recording and mastering at Casa Frida Studio, in Buenos Aires.

Their first LP, “Tiempo de escupir y vomitar”, was released in May 2006 and on November 20th you’ll can download it here.


Since today you can download the third volume of our MIXTAPE series.

Thanks to all the bands that participated in this compilation and I hope that all of you enjoy this album.



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