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New band: Welcome Malones to LEPORK RECORDS

From Rosario, Argentina, Malones is the new band in our roster. Their sound is a great mix between punk and hard rock, with strong influence from bands like Social Distortion and Street Dogs.

Next Tuesday, October 11th, we’ll release their first EP “Capitulo #1”

Welcome TimTom Guerilla to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome TimTom Guerilla to “LEPORK RECORDS”. Timtom Guerilla is a German band formed in 2007 with a sound that blends reggae, punk and rock, singing all their songs in German.

On Tuesday August 23rd will release their first EP of seven songs which is entitled “TimTom Guerilla”

Welcome Pianosa to LEPORK RECORDS

Pianosa is a hardcore punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band formed in 2009 and in 2010 their released their first EP “Correcting Last Night’s Mistakes”

Pianosa is our second European band and we’ll release their first LP, “Empty Space”, next week, June 7.

Kennel joined to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome Kennel to LEPORK RECORDS. Kennel is band from Bergamo, Italy and they are our first European band that is part of our roster.

Kennel also is the first hardcore band that release their album in the netlabel and we hope we can find more band like them.

Next Tuesday we’ll release their third record “E’ a vostra immagine e somiglianza”, an LP with 12 tracks and a great cover art.

This year we start early. Welcome Bigtop to LEPORK RECORDS

2011 started very well. We are working in some new albums and Bigtop is our new band.

Since 2009, we jointed forces with the guys of DOG Work, a bunch of people that are working so hard promoting the Rosario City punk scene, and we are so glad that we can help them, releasing their band’s EP or albums.

Since today, Bigtop is part of our roster. The band is from Rosario, Argentina and they started playing together since mid-2008.  Next Tuesday, February 1st we’ll release their first EP, called “Bigtop”

23 Otoños released their new full album

Last September, we released “No Soy Quien Crees” by 23 Otoños, a two songs single that anticipated their  new material.

Today, we are proud to announce that the band release their full album “Un Segundo de Calma”. This album was released by the band itself and you can download it in their website  – –  or clicking here.

New band: Welcome Condena to LEPORK RECORDS.

Condena is a punk band from Rosario, Argentina. With influence of bands such Bad Religion, Rise Against, Ramones and Social Distortion, the band has been played since 2006 and they just finish their first EP, “Esto Puede Cambiar” that will be available for download next Tuesday, November 16.

Welcome Blindbox to LEPORK RECORDS

I love the sound of the late ’80 punk bands. I grew up listening to Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon and still doing it. So when I hear the songs of Blindbox, I contacted with them and I offered them LEPORK RECORDS as an another way to promote their music.

Blindbox is a band from the city of Mar del Plata, which was formed in 2004 under the name Out of Laws. In 2006, two of its founding members left the band and new members the band changed its name to Blindbox.

On October 26 will be available their new album “Out Of Laws Again.”

[VIDEO] Rebotando! by Mamushkas

Song from their release MHKS EP

23 Otoños joins LEPORK RECORDS

We are proud to announce the arrival of one of the best new bands from the scene of Buenos Aires, 23 Otoños.

With a mix of punk rock and metal, 23 Otoños will be releasing a single through LEPORK RECORDS exclusively. This will be a two songs single that are a preview of their new album which will be ready in late 2010

The single will be available for download on September 21, 2010

Welcome The Bear Season to LEPORK RECORDS

Another new band arrived to LEPORK RECORDS. In this case we present The Bear Season, a five piece punk band from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Formed on March 2009 , their sound can be described as a blend of pop punk, hardcore, indie always trying to introduce new elements to their music provided by the wide variety of influences each member has. The result is a solid and powerful outfit ready to play as much as possible.

Their first EP is set to be released by the beginning of September.

After six months … new band and new album

After six months, promoting the netlabel, traveling a bit and resting, it’s time to welcome to Despierta Tu Mente, a new band of LEPORK RECORDS.

Despierta Tu Mente is a melodic hardcore band originally from southern Buenos Aires and next Tuesday, July 20, will be available to download their new EP “Mi Credo”

Another LEPORK RECORDS’ band in a new compilation

As you’ve noticed, we have not yet released any album this year. I am currently in search of new bands and other South American countries that are not yet represented in the netlabel.

Meanwhile, this year I also decided to start promoting our netlabel, trying to participate in compilations of different websites that to releases compilations. This time, I have the pride to announce that a song issue of All The Hats’ single “Unite” is part of Vol 28 of the series of compilations that releases blocSonic.

The song is United We Stand and you can download this compilation using this links:

Music Downloads

Album Booklet

Package Art Downloads

Welcome Las Vin Up to LEPORK RECORDS

I love all girl punk bands and I was looking for a band that can represent the South American female punk rock sound. And I think that I found it.

Let me introduce you LAS VIN UP

Las Vin Up was formed in late 2007 in the south of Greater Buenos Aires. The female trio started rehearsing her first punk rock songs with catchy choruses and bubblegum rhythms, with lyrics about rare boys and bizarre situations.

After a few practices, the band performed live for the first time in a Buenos Aires venue receiving a great acclaim and enthusiasm from the public, so decided to record his first four songs, collected in their demo entitled “Gordas Putas” while the band continued to playing throughout Buenos Aires and its suburbs.

In 2008 the band underwent a change of members and start recording what is their second demo “Año Nuevo Chino,” it features 10 punk rock songs of simple melodies and characters unusual, material that can be heard through your Net Label MAKING BIG and their websites, which have already received thousands of hits from listeners around the world, which was presented on the “Indies Puestas Tour” playing in Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires as well as the towns of Pinamar, Mar Del Plata, Bahía Blanca and the neighboring country of Uruguay.

In 2009, the band recorded “Caminata Lunar” an EP with four songs. This EP has being recorded in La Nave de Oseberg studio with Jorge Perini, with a more entrenched and powerful sound. During December 2009 Las Vin Up will playing in the Chicas Rockers Festival.

LEPORK RECORDS will be release “Caminata Lunar China” an album that included both albums (“Año Nuevo Chino” and “Caminata Lunar” EP) on December 21, 2009.

Welcome Breaking Circle to LEPORK RECORDS

Breaking Circle

Breaking Circle is a punk band from Santa Fe City, Santa Fe, Argentina. Its members met each other in 2001 in a musical institute and they started the band under the name of Fussion. Due to commercial issues it changed its name on 2009. The line up has stayed unaltered since the begining of the band though its music has developed from a classic punk to a pop punk/melodic hardcore sound.

In 2005 they recorded a demo to show this new style, but the recording of a LP was delayed because of the members own personal problems. Breaking Circle plans to record its first LP next year to show the world its music.

Next Tuesday you’ll can download their their first EP, “Same Direction EP”

One new band, two new albums

Ohh man, this month will be crazy. First we wanna welcome to M.d.A. a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina that join us. With a great sound, mixing grunge and punk, M.d.A. is a new band that is growing in the Buenos Aires’ underground and we think that you will love them. Next week we’ll release their first EP “Donde Esta M.d.A.?” so, stay alert, and be prepare to listen a great band.

Also this month our guys from Southern Chile, Noes Lomismo, will be release their second album for LEPORK RECORDS and we know that you will enjoy it. “Tiempo Final” is the title and will be available to download on August 12, 2008

New band: Daga

Daga, formed by G.S. (voice and guitar), Blacky (bass) and Franco (drums), is the new band that join us.

The band is from Rosario, Argentina, and plans to enter the studio to begin work on their album debut that will be available in LEPORK RECORDS in September or October 2008

Welcome Como Siempre to LEPORK RECORDS

One guy, one guitar. Como Siempre it´s Lucas Bargen, 23 years old. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city he calls “the monster” and it´s always trying to escape from and go back to. Como siempre´s songs are a big,a huge catharsis, that´s his way to survive.

His first album is “”The Shining On Our Names”, 16 songs written in the past two years, in different places, with different instruments, with different sounds, with different moods and subjects, the same as the lyrics.

On Tuesday April 15th we’ll release his album.

New band: Noes Lomismo

Noes Lomismo is the new band that join us. The band is from Puerto Montt, Chile and formed in 2004. They started covered songs by NOFX, Lagwagon, etc. but later the band started to write their own songs. Months later Noes Lomismo released their first EP, titled “En La Ventana” with 3 songs.

In 2005, after some changes in the band, Noes Lomismo started to play in another cities and released their second EP title “Solo Escapar”. In 2006 two members left the band for personal reasons, and with new members, the band released their third EP “10 Horas”.

In 2007 Noes Lomismo entered to studio to record their first LP. In the meantime, the band released their forth EP, “Vicios Del Tiempo” and this is the EP that LEPORK RECORDS will release soon.

New band, new album.

We want to welcome to Metamorfica, the new band that join us.

Metamorfica is a band from Buenos Aires,Argentina. It was founded by Mariela and Alejandra, who met in 1998 and started writing songs together in 2000, both as singers and acustic guitar players. To add rock to their compositions, they decided to start looking for bandmates.

In 2003, they met Juan Manuel (drums) and Adrian (bass). Having been together since then, they all developed both a musical and a humanly enriching relationship. In 2005, after a big band effort, they started recording and mastering at Casa Frida Studio, in Buenos Aires.

Their first LP, “Tiempo de escupir y vomitar”, was released in May 2006 and on November 20th you’ll can download it here.

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