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New band: Welcome Malones to LEPORK RECORDS

From Rosario, Argentina, Malones is the new band in our roster. Their sound is a great mix between punk and hard rock, with strong influence from bands like Social Distortion and Street Dogs.

Next Tuesday, October 11th, we’ll release their first EP “Capitulo #1”

Welcome TimTom Guerilla to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome TimTom Guerilla to “LEPORK RECORDS”. Timtom Guerilla is a German band formed in 2007 with a sound that blends reggae, punk and rock, singing all their songs in German.

On Tuesday August 23rd will release their first EP of seven songs which is entitled “TimTom Guerilla”

Welcome Pianosa to LEPORK RECORDS

Pianosa is a hardcore punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band formed in 2009 and in 2010 their released their first EP “Correcting Last Night’s Mistakes”

Pianosa is our second European band and we’ll release their first LP, “Empty Space”, next week, June 7.

Kennel joined to LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome Kennel to LEPORK RECORDS. Kennel is band from Bergamo, Italy and they are our first European band that is part of our roster.

Kennel also is the first hardcore band that release their album in the netlabel and we hope we can find more band like them.

Next Tuesday we’ll release their third record “E’ a vostra immagine e somiglianza”, an LP with 12 tracks and a great cover art.

This year we start early. Welcome Bigtop to LEPORK RECORDS

2011 started very well. We are working in some new albums and Bigtop is our new band.

Since 2009, we jointed forces with the guys of DOG Work, a bunch of people that are working so hard promoting the Rosario City punk scene, and we are so glad that we can help them, releasing their band’s EP or albums.

Since today, Bigtop is part of our roster. The band is from Rosario, Argentina and they started playing together since mid-2008.  Next Tuesday, February 1st we’ll release their first EP, called “Bigtop”

23 Otoños released their new full album

Last September, we released “No Soy Quien Crees” by 23 Otoños, a two songs single that anticipated their  new material.

Today, we are proud to announce that the band release their full album “Un Segundo de Calma”. This album was released by the band itself and you can download it in their website  – –  or clicking here.

New band: Welcome Condena to LEPORK RECORDS.

Condena is a punk band from Rosario, Argentina. With influence of bands such Bad Religion, Rise Against, Ramones and Social Distortion, the band has been played since 2006 and they just finish their first EP, “Esto Puede Cambiar” that will be available for download next Tuesday, November 16.

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