In early 2005, Rosario, Argentina. four friends share high school and musical tastes: The result was The Leftouts (TLO).

In the beginning, all played an instrument except bass, which were distributed in early trials between covers Anti Flag, The Unseen, The Casualties, Cheap Sex and Nofx, until tha band formed with J. Ignacio in the lead vocals and bass, while Derek and Santiago took command of the guitar and Mauritius continued to lead the drums.
As a result to open to bands like Story of the Year, Escape the Fate and The Used, the band began to expand their musical concept and to play their first show (October 2005) with 15 years old. From that moment they start playing more often in the local circuit, leading to step into a recording studio in July 2006 to record a song, which was later included in the compilation “Punk Major League 3 (with recognized bands from the punk / hardcore national and international).

In 2007, the band began recording sessions of their first LP in “Godzilla Study” under the artistic supervision of Messana Mauro (vocals / guitar from Asphix).
Also, take advantage of to make their first shows outside of Rosario, playing with the All Hats in Parana and San Nicolas. In addition, they opened for bands like Bulldog and Massacre, among others, and also share the stage with Asphix, ATH, My Father’s Socks, Reakcion and other groups from Rosario, Argentina.

At the end of 2008 due to personal reasons, Mauritius, left the band and was replaced for Pato in durms.

On 23/2/2009 the band released their first studio material Last One Standing: 9 tracks in English, where the band draws on the most modern aspects of punk, hardcore and emo-rock, to leave us with an album of great songs inspired by personal experiences and a sound clearly devastating.

Influences: Story Of The Year, Escape the Fate, The Used, A Day to Remember, Rufio, The Beatles, Blink 182, No Use for a Name, The Vines, Rancid, The Unseen, Anti Flag
Members: Juani (Bass and Vocals) Santi (Guitar and Vocals) Derek (Guitar) Pato (drums)

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