M.d.A. is a band founded in Buenos Aires in winter 2006. In the first formation Jordan and Nacho leaded the band. They knew each other as children and met again after years of knowing anything one from each other. Talking about how to generate a change in the local scene, they discovered grunge sounds mixed with new punk styles coming from the United States. During a travel through Latin America Jordan brings in his mind “Travel”,which will be the next single of the band. M.d.A. obtains its debut EP recorded in winter of 2007 together with Sega on drums, while the date of the EP release was coming closer he left the band and Argu took his place.

It has been the most weighty change of the band as far, and so the strenght in the sound is achieved,needed to bring down the incredulous look of many people who,up to that moment, didn´t believe in M.d.A. as one of the next bands to be listened to in a serious way, possibly because of what the band represented from its first steps with extremely sincere,absurd and comical atitudes in every surroundings they got through, from local radios to the furthest shows from Bs As city.

Besides, the weight of the labeling analized in different directions gives the most varied
results, corageous stuffs pronounced in some magazines as for example: “-M.d.A. is a name that we chose from the beggining because the band has a Californian sound, but as we were born in Buenos Aires we are named Mar de Ajó.”

Another option mentioned by the band is that they made up and developed in a teenage explotion, full of social changes. In fact during the recording of the debut EP, in the city of Bs As, cases of ecstasy and adolescent death didn´t stop appearing , with regard to this the band said:

M.d.A. is a generation of excesses and negative responses which generated itself in life without time for anything, betrayals, fast food, sex without any motive and drugs. In short, is an icon of a generation that goes out at nights.

Something that the band makes clear is the tearing sincerity on its lyrics, the sounds and the concept of desvirtualize a scene which is similar around the world


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