In the year 2004, in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina was born Blindbox with the then name of “Out Of Laws” This was the first formation Nico (current singer and guitarist) Gaston(current drummer), Pablo (founder of the band and current professional skateboarder) and Sofia (the first bass player and current professional photographer).

They gathered to make their first songs in the garage of Gaston to write about their experiences as adolescents and their desire to annoy and make lots of noise. Influenced by many different styles like heavy metal, hardcore, punk from the late ’80 and reggae the band begin producing their own songs and play them at parties of friends and small places in their city.

In 2006, Pablo and Sofia left the band, but the brothers Agustin and Lucas joined it and decided to change their name to Blindbox. With this changes, their sound grew out more raw, angry and committed which brought its first EP “I’m Sick” in 2009 and a new album “Out Of Laws Again” in October 2010.

Nicolás Pallante (a.k.a. Pelado): Guitar and Voice.
Lucas Roldán Migone (a.k.a. Peluca): Guitar and Voice.
Agustín (a.k.a. Gordo): Bass.
Gatón Banfi (a.k.a. La Tota): Drums.

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