Bigtop is a power pop punk band from Rosario / Santa Fe / Argentina. Since mid-2008 the band began to take its first steps in local stages and work in “GO”, their first song that formed part of the first sampler of the band, which saw a promotional video clip under the production Hernan Roperto and artistic collaboration GS (All the Hats / Malone).

Prior to this project, Luciano Moreyra (vocals-guitar) and FranFran Cavallone (drumms) coincided with the punk rock band “Tercer Dedo” which release an album, shared shows with lots of famous bands in the Argentine scene and came to visit many cities. After that experience,they decided to dissolve the project to search of new musical directions.

Adding to Bugliolo Emma (vocals, bass) in its ranks, in 2009, the band played in major local events such as “Vans Street Tour. ”

In early 2010 Nico Faranna (guitar-vocals) joined the band and they recorded five songs that are part of their first EP entitled “Bigtop”, with the post-production Gomez Billie study (All the Hats / Carmina Burana), launched in a digital format that was releases in a joint production of DOG Works and LEPORK RECORDS.

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