New band: Litz join LEPORK RECORDS

We wanna welcome Litz to LEPORK RECORDS.

Litz started in 2004 in Paraná, Argentina, with the simple idea of making their favorite music with friends. After some months they had a couple of songs, and in November 28, 2004, Litz played their frist show, in a little skate park with a couple of local bands.

In that days Litz play something like a melodic power punk, but show to show they started to make their music sound better, so in the middle of 2006 they decided to record their first album called “…Y Sonar”, a releases with 13 songs.
The following year, Litz begin to have possibilities to play with important band in Argentina, what made us have a more experience.

After that first album their sound became more hardcore, and that was something that they really like, and wanted to, so Litz finally became a melodic hardcore punk band.

It was on May of 2008 Litz recorded their second album, a 7 song EP called “Morir y Volver a Nacer”, what maybe was one of the more important steps they made.

On December 15 LEPORK RECORDS will release “Morir y Volver a Nacer”

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